Sunday, March 11, 2012

3 Men & No Cake!!! - The Wye Valley 50 Mile Ultra

Valley? What valley I ask!! 50 Miles with only 60 athletes speaks volumes about a brutal ultra course. If you mention brecon then you will know what I mean. No city slickers here with racing flat shoes and designer labels, this is all about relentless climbs, ankle deep mud, river crossings and descents that cause nothing but pain and suffering! Runners are self sufficient, rules state that no support is allowed and the well marshalled check points offer you nothing but cheery support and water. No food and definitely no glory. A cold start and straight into a pretty arduous climb, the first half is certainly undulating. Close encounters with welsh breed horses & bulls but the weather was perfect!! The mad professor and Basher were controlling the pace at the front and doing a majestic job, war stories of past military experiences were a plenty! The lantern was swinging!! We tactically shrugged off the challengre from the Brigadier who attempted to tell better stories to all who would listen! After 6 miles we never saw him again? As we pushed on there were a few incidents of note. Firstly Al spotted a runner who had clealry made a navigational error and instead of shouting "This Way" Al said "Sshhh"............we watched as he disappeared over the distant horizon!! Next a brush with the Powys forestry authorities as Al was caught blantently Fly Tipping a "Log"!! Lastly the athlete we had abandoned in his moment of need overtook us yet again!! This resulted in a 5 mile sprint between 45-50 miles as Mad Al & Basher showed their ruthless streak! There was only 1 outcome as we dispatched him to the rear..........The game was over!! It started in the cold light of day and finished in the dark!! As we stumbled to the pub for a debrief it was short and sweet! 50 miles endured and we were HAPPY!! Job done......................

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