Saturday, July 28, 2012

Night Rider!!

How many people will go out training at 8pm on a saturday evening when the olympics are on tv?
Tonight I will go out and just ride, back to riding the central white line I want to be finished by 1am tomorrow morning! This is pure endurance riding, quiet roads, peace and tranquility and the joy of cycling! Living the dream.......................The Decaman Dream..............................

Friday, July 27, 2012

It Just Gets Better!!!

As the weekend approaches things are developing very nicely indeed! Operation "DECA" is in full flow. 5 days and 8 training sessions complete it has been another great week, support team now guaranteed and flights booked. This weeks training has involved a 6000 metre swim and 7 bike sessions so far completed. Tomorrow evening it is back on the bike for a 100+ mile ride and sunday is dedicated to a 30 mile endurance run! The journey rumbles on to Monterrey and I am starting to get excited about what is the unknown.........................................

Monday, July 23, 2012

12 Weeks To Self-Destruction!!

Last week was a steady build with numerous rides and swims in preparation for the final phase that started today! The foundations are now in place for a step up in quality and quantity.
12 Weeks of intense training started today and kicked off with a 6000 metre swim at 6.30am, 2 hours of pure endurance. 2 seperate rides to and from work later today will see a triple training session on day 1................Now is the time to focus completely.......................................I am starting to feel ready............

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Riding The Central White Line!

Nothing much to look at, only the central white line of the road and it sin't much more exciting than that! There is, however something very special about training during the silent dark hours, something quite tranquil, peaceful. Time passed without incident, only a startled lorry driver and a very near miss with a fox that passed within 2 feet of my front wheel. Nice warm conditions with a slightly greasy road in places, apart from that I was pretty much training on an empty road. There is a different silent world out there that I am now used to being part of. No fuss, no stress, job done! Ride complete, tonight I will train until midnight, work tomorrow......................after all it does force me to rest up?

Monday, July 16, 2012

The First Night Ride Beckons!!

A great days training today combining a 2 hour tempo ride in horrendous conditions followed by a 3000 metre swim and I felt strong during both sessions. 3 hours of solid training complete tomorrow is the dawn of a new phase of training.
Riding through the night, dark silent hours I will start riding at 10 pm and ride until dawn! The aim is to ride 120 miles in the dark to get aquainted with nocturnal training. It is an exciting time............Can't wait to introduce this new idea...................................

Now Its Time To Step Up!!

Last week was a low intensity recovery week with 4 rides and 2 swims that was designed to reduce the time spent training before a tough week this week. It has left me itching to hit it long and hard this week so now I am ready. Today with involve an endurance ride with efforts just to tweak the fast twitch fibres. I am going out on the bike and I never really plan how long for!! I will then hit the pool and swim until 10pm this evening. 3000 metres of nice relaxed technique aimed at slowing the swim down. The bike is another matter, as soon as I climb on the bike all I want to do is ride all day............I must hold back and be sensible? DECA, SENSIBLE, who am I trying to kid!!! Love it....

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Week Is Over.............

This week has involved 9 seperate training sessions resulting in 250 miles of riding and 10kms of swimming. My total training time has been in excess of 15 hours and has been a great success! It has laid the foundations for next week where I will again focus on Swim/Bike. With 15 weeks to go before "D Day" my plan this week is to move things forward with a 120-150 mile dedicated bike day and a 6km swim..............

Friday, July 6, 2012

Swimming Complete!!

As the weekend approaches 10kms of swimming has been completed to lay the foundations for the weeks and months ahead. The week so far has been a great success, sitting down each evening at 10pm is is great to put my feet up with a cup of coffee reflecting on each session. Cycling mileage this week will hit between 250-300 miles so it will be a complete success. Once the weekend is over I will release the statistics for some interesting is going incredibly well.......feeling superb!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tough 4 Days Looming!!

Tomorrow starts 4 days of tough overload training. Free from work there will be no distractions from my primary focus. Tomorrow will see me ride 100-150 miles in the afternoon before embarking on a 2 hour 6000 metre swim in the evening. Its time to get serious.This is going to be the best week to date with nothing but pain and suffering.....don't you just love it................

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Longest Day!!

It started at 0630 in the water and it finished at 0100 hours this morning! 19 Hours and 3 training sessions later after hitting the pool and riding the roads it was indeed a great day. No fatigue and feeling strong it just gets better at the moment. On saturday I will take a break to attend the Suffolk Youth Games as a VIP as part of my Sporting Ambassador role to welcome the Olympic flame to Bury St Edmunds. Today I am back to the bike for another double journey to work.....Feeling fit, weight is down to 10st 9lb and I am now getting excited about DECA...........9 athletes and 1 aim! To smash DECA to pieces............

Monday, July 2, 2012

Heavy Overload Week Ahead!!

Last week was a great success with 3 key sessions one of each discipline to start a new phase. A steady 3km swim, a 100 mile bike and a steady 20 mile run to see how my fitness levels are currently sitting in each discipline. I am happy with the outcome!!
This week it is time to start hitting each element individually. Monday morning started with a steady 4km swim at 0630hrs. At 2pm I will ride to work and at midnight I will make the return journey so its a triple session day today! There will be no holding back now so updates will be very interesting with stats from each session! I am ready to go to war!!!