Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1 Man 1 Bike 100 Miles

Day 2 of my 16 week programme started working with Abbeycroft Leisure and the launch of their "Get Active" Campaign. I was a guest speaker talking about Decaman as part of my "Sporting Ambassador" role. I love inspiring other people to get fit and to train!! Soon after I was out on the bike for a lovely 100 mile ride around the countryside. In hot humid conditions on an undulating course it was a pleasure to be out riding, to cap it all the last hour was completed in fine drizzle, the type of rain that was like being cooled by a sprinkler. At the end I could quite easily of carried on but the pressure of time defeated me. To finish strong and feel good after 100 miles is a great indicator for more soon. Average Heart Rate 126 BPM I was sitting comfortably in my endurance training zone. Tomorrow I will be up at 3am, on the road pounding the tarmac for a marathon run to work!! Training is in full swing and believe me when I say "There are no limits" Watch!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Swim 1 Complete!!

What an absolute joy to be back in the water it felt so easy and enjoyable! A simple 1 hour steady swim aimed at relaxing and enjoying the feel of the water. Tomorrow the aim is bike endurance riding approximately 120 miles at a nice easy and comfortable pace. 2 x 60 mile loops of a rural undulating course through rural suffolk.

16 Weeks To Self Destruction!!

Now is the time to step up to the plate. Today is the start of a 16 week full on high intensity, high volume training programme that will raise the bar to a new level. Swim, bike and run to new distances, at a higher level than ever experienced before, with one aim in mind! To smash DECA apart. Tonight my swim session is 1 hour of tempo training and the shortest swim session I will complete. Tomorrow the bike.................its time to get serious. I mean business.......its time to suffer like never before..................

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Today's Training Plan

When you work shifts it throws up its own challenges! To remove any excuses I may find not to train I remove them cognitively so that I am not tempted to take the easy path. Today I start work at 7pm so I will train on the way to work, leaving early so that I can get a good bike session in. When I finish work at 4am tomorrow morning I will step back onto the bike slightly fatigued. I will ride both sessions in whatever conditions are thrown my way! Nothing stops me from training, fatigue, conditions or time of day!! There are 24 hours in a single day, use them to your advantage. I will only sleep when my training is done................Smash it.................

Friday, June 22, 2012

7 Rides - 4 Days..................

It started on monday with an early evening fast ride where I just felt strong throughout! It set the tone for the week so far. Riding to and from work in all conditions at all times of the day ranging from early morning to midnight it has been a great week so far. Already 125 miles completed at a fast pace tomorrow is endurance day that starts an endurance weekend. Tomorrow I will ride long before work and on sunday I will run to work, just short of a very undulating marathon! This hasd been a very good week where I should near 200+ miles on the bike and a marathon to finish. This is the strongest I have felt so far, recovering very well and not feeling fatigued at all. The bike is there now I am 100% convinced that now I just need to ride long and steady!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bike Training Tip!!!!

At least 1 day a week I go out on the bike and I just ride! The pressure of average speed is taken away by removing the bike computer, we are slaves to average speed so I replace the computer with my heart rate monitor and focus on keeping my heart rate steady and low. I ride the hills steadily and consistently maintaining a good even speed. How do I know I am riding easily?, because I am completely aerobic!! Yesterdays ride was all about time in the saddle, 5 hours of riding finishing as fresh as I started. Dont be a slave to average speed, this session allows you to switch off, relax and enjoy riding! You can go where you like, for as long as you like in glorious sunshine! My endurance HR is in a bracket of 119-144 BPM so an average HR of 122 BPM was perfect. Train smart, race smarter.....................

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bury 100 Miles

 Last week was yet another consistent one on the bike culminating in the bury wheel 100 mile ride. In great conditions I set off and soon encountered a small mechanical problem, however after sorting it out I soon settled in with a good large group of riders. Soon we were 7 and clipping along nicely sitting around 20 mph. It turned into a chaingang session with each of us taking to the front. After 5 hours and 7 minutes we reached the finish line with an average speed of 19.2 mph. It was a great way to finish the week and this week it is back to it again................

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Bike Is There!!!

You know when you go out and just rip a session apart and you feel great at the end of it? Well today was that day and it all just fell into place! It was windy, it was sunny and the return 20 miles is on a tough undulating course with hills to test the soul. A tempo 3 hour ride with an average heart rate of 139 BPM with a ceiling 3 beats off max! The climbs were attacked with a confident ferocity that goes to show that the base miles have paid off at long last! Tomorrow morning I will celebrate with a tempo 10 mile run! Its time to focus and introduce the other 2 disciplines!! Very happy!!!!

Raising The Bar!!

Last week was a nice recovery week with just over 100 miles of riding so this week it is back to it ans 2 tough weeks ahead. This week will see me hit the 300 mile week with a steady 60-70 miles today culminating with a solid 150 mile ride on sunday!! These are the main sessions for this week with some shorter faster rides in between. The majority of rides are all at 18+ mph a nice relaxed average speed!! Next week will be a serious overlaode week with 4 clear days at the end of next week where each of the 3 disciplines will be hit hard and long!! Body weight is lower and excess fat is being stripped back to the bone!!! Feeling good, strong and fit!!