Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cycling In Paradise!!

In glorious tropical sunshine on the first day in March the bike just had to come out! And believe me I was very reluctant to put it away. Cycling around rural suffolk it was like a mid summers day with little wind, the fresh smell of countryside and a cafe stop in a quaint cafe in Clare. 50+ undulating miles at a leisurely average speed of 17+ mph the wheels just kept on turning....
Fuelled by Orbana and a working heart rate of 130 BPM it is days like today that make riding on the open roads a delight. At 7pm tonight I will run with Jack Southgate as we aim to keep the memory of his brother Luke well and truly alive!! A perfect day!!


  1. Hi Simon, just a note to say I'm following your blog and wishing the best with your long trip. I read Bob Brown's book when it first came out but I'd lost track of whether Decaman still existed.

  2. Hi Richard! Yep it still exists but got cancelled last year due to venue problems. It starts on October 22nd and I too read Bob's book. I was lucky enough to obtain a signed copy by the legend himself. I will be implementing some of his training ideas. My thinking is that if it worked for him then it must be well worth the investment. Regards Simon