Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Calm Before The Storm!!

This week has seen me just ticking over with the odd cross country run, yesterday training alongside a horse for a steady hours run! Smashing the bike for short sharp hour rides raising the tempo considerably. The original plan remains in place to go full time from May 1st. This will involve full time training for 6 months, strictly no alcohol, a perfect diet and a no holds barred training regime. It will be interesting to follow as I adopt a 100% approach to decaman! On saturday I travel out to the USA for some hot weather run training out in Death Valley where the temperature is already 33 degrees! Here I will complete a series of endurance runs out in the heat of the Nevada Desert ready for a programme so intense that it is certainly all or nothing! Follow developments as I aim to go where few people dare tread! Mentally I am ready, physically I will be as Mexico looms large....................

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