Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Longest Day!!!

Todays endurance ride started in early morning fog and ended in glorious sunshine. It started very well and ended just as well, feeling strong! The middle portion was entertaining to say the very least. Approaching a coffee stop at 50 miles my rear tyre punctured, nothing sinister or surprising I hear you say! Well unfortunately my new tyre had split in the side wall so 3 tubes later I was out of gas and tubes. Stood stranded by the side of the road there was onlt 1 thing for it. Ride to Lowestoft on a flat. A quick repair lasted about a mile so now I headed to Beccles again on a flat! 4 tubes down and it was time to purchase a new tyre for the 40 mile return home. I smashed it on the way home riding 111 miles at an average speed of 17 mph with around 15 miles on a flat tyre! It was hot, testing and expensive but you just have to love cycling! Its simple......NEVER STOP & NEVER GIVE UP..........Smash it......

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