Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nine down, One to go, the hardest one.

The last 2 hours have been amazing;
I thought that fatigue was about to totally consume Simon and I would have happily let him sleep for longer than the agreed hour. But I did wake him at 9.30 with a mexican omelette and coffee and he was almost chirpy, those of you that know him well will realise that it takes a lot to knock the stuffing out of him, but it was this morning.
Fed and watered he was back to his best, almost running the whole way on each lap, he seemed to get stronger and stronger. We passed Kale a couple of times, he told us that his new strategy was to take it easier and aim to finish before Sunday morning.
Simon mean while has just completed his 9th marathon at around 1030 local. Now that Simon has rallied our aim is to finish tonight, this side of midnight.

 Where will those socks turn up next ?

The Red Socks rallying cry is working

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  1. Amazing stuff, fantastic - there are no words to describe this! Keep going mate! Be back checking on progress during the night back in the UK - Mike, Suz, Luke and Daniel