Thursday, November 1, 2012

The start of the long road home

 What a day night we have had, as I reported earlier the heat was so oppresive, both of the guys suffered really badly today. Across the car park area the searing temperature was brutal. Simon battled gamely on and on, whilst Kale chose wisely to get out of it, eventually Simon succumed to the heat and had to retire, to the shade and that doctors bench. Heat exhaustion can be very serious, so it is vital that that a close watch is kept over athletes when the extremes are like those we experienced today.

 The aim for today was to complete 3 half marathons making a total of 8.5 full ones, Simon acheived that by 3.15am and is now tucked up on the doctors bench, so that is 357km's covered whilst Kale who is currently on track has 291 as I write.
Simon is desperate to finish today (Thursday), so we will be back up at 6 to try to get the first half out of the way before the heat of the day, then we will see just how high the temperature will rise, it's forecast to be soaring even more than today.
Both of these gladiators have very stiff muscles and are walking/running like I imagine an automan would. What they are putting their bodies through is remarkable. They will both take away so many positives from this experience, which hopefully will outway the inevitable negatives.

 Whatever the outcome over the next couple of days, it will be something neither they nor I will ever forget. Sleep well Simon, whilst Kale makes some ground and then rise and head for the finish later.

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