Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Put a sock in it!

When you’re tired you sometimes do things without thinking that could end in disaster, I have done that three times in the last 12 hours, first I walked out in front of one of the cyclists who was zipping through the start finish area in the small hours, then I walked out in front of the same guy, only an hour ago as I was intent in getting across the track to talk with Simon, then last and I hope it is least, I deleted the last post instead of a duplicate photo of the Red Socks helping the White Rabbit cheer on Simon. So I am going to try and remember what I wrote and give you a précis of the last post.
Simon was exhausted yesterday, I walked and jogged with him on several laps during the second half of the 7th marathon, he was lucid, but then only 4km’s short of his goal he fell asleep whilst running. I quickly decided to send him to his sleeping bag, I tidied all of the loose ends and then followed him into mine. Whilst we slept Kale was able to claw back some of the laps, as I said yesterday this is a fascinating event with all of the different strategies that carry competitors to the end. Simon and I really do want Kale to make it too and will help him and his Dad as much as we can to ensure that he too achieves his dream.
Once Simon was back on track this morning he was able to run again, having hobbled for most of yesterday and quickly took back some ground lapping much quicker than Kale, the goal for us this morning was to complete another half marathon plus the 4km’s lost last night. However the heat today is by far the most oppressive it has been, especially across the open car park area, we decided to only run the projected 21km and save the missing 4 until it’s cooler. I have left Simon sleeping in the shade on the favoured couch. The thought was to start again at 2pm but that might have to go out of the window until it cools down, Kale has his head down so I may as well let Simon sleep more too.

We have a new plan for finishing and finish we will.

That little fella Bourne is a marvel truly triumphing over adversity, when we finish tomorrow it is going to be very emotional, and from reading the posts, no doubt you will feel the same.

As I walked round the parque this morning I noticed the Red Socks getting aggressive with a band member, who was told in no uncertain terms “to put a sock in it”.

Sleep on Simon, come back strong.

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