Monday, October 29, 2012

Squelch squelch

Last post for today to celebrate Simon's FOURTH marathon.

He is going really well, hopefully not too well, as he still has a long way to go. Kale is clearly suffering as Simon is consistantly lapping much quicker. Despite having rested for almost 2 hours, giving Kale the opportunity to close the distance between them, 'The Boy Bourne' now has a 43km lead, at Kale's present pace that's about 8 hours. I must keep Simon together and prevent the injuries and muscle fatigue that will come after riding and running such a long way.

Simon is delighted that there are so many folk out there rooting for him, he enjoys the comments and no doubt will giggle and cry in equal amounts once he can absorb them all properly. We reached another milestone today, I finally wrestled the infamous 'Red Socks' of him, I had to hand wash them about 10 times. You can see just how filthy they are from the photo, oh yes and a rather natty blister.
He now sports a natty Union Flag pair of socks.

He has just past through 177km's and reported that he has done a 'Paula Ratcliffee' except not so quickly or as stylish, there was carnage on the dance floor.

Squelch on Simon.

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