Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hello All,
For those of you that are curious about the pace of ultra running, here's our guide.
Last night Simon was running very comfortably at about 6.30 per kilometer, or roughly 10 minutes per mile, which may seem slow but over 262 it's 
too fast. So if we can temper that to around 12 minute miling (5 hour marathon pace) that would be good. Simon's shuffling/tabbing gate is perfectly suited to efficient ultra running, the only problem we have is getting him to run slowly enough, and to ignore anything that Kale may be doing.
Dominic O'Sullivan is right with the lead that Simon had; Kale would need to run a minute a mile quicker to catch Simon sometime during the last marathon.
But that's a long way off yet, we will monitor Kale's pace today and ensure that we have the right strategy to counter his moves.
One thing is certain, Simon is the right man for the job. 

 I have been asked to post a photo of Kale, this was taken on the night of the 26th when Enrique Terramoto had just finished his Triple Ironman, he is on my right, Kale is on Simon's left.

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