Monday, October 29, 2012

Almost 3 Marathons 1 Km shy !

It’s been another emotional day, watching these Ultra Triathletes compete, not just about Simon and Kale but the others who are completing 1 Ironman a day for 10 days, it was their seventh in a row today. Sergio Cordeiro from Brazil has jus...
t finished his in 17 hours 42 minutes having started the swim late because of a stomach upset. Simon has been running since 5 this morning, completing his second marathon at 5 in the afternoon and starting his 3rd around 6.55 after a little rest on the doctor’s bench by the pool.

 He and Kale have been battling it out physically and mentally, against each other and themselves and at times their crew, not in Simon’s case however. The temperatures have been kind again today, but still hot enough to run in only the race bib. We have come across Kale lying on the tarmac trying to stretch tight muscles several times today, I am sure that all of the fast riding to try and shake of Simon has not helped his cause, neither has the fact that he has almost always been a full marathon behind.
Meanwhile Simon seems to go from strength to strength, all I have had to do for him today is massage his right calf twice, he just pushes on and on. All of these athletes have special qualities, but Simon seems to have more and he has certainly raised the eyebrows of the Ultra Community, especially with the pace of his runs today until the inevitable fatigue set in this evening. He is a fast rising star in these circles and it is a pleasure to be his crew.
The 3rd marathon could have been left for tomorrow or at least part of it, but Simon has been determined to complete the remainder of this enormous challenge as soon as possible, hence him pushing on today, it may also have been the last straw for Kale who no matter what he has tried has not been able to get close to Bourneo. Simon has just had a severe blister problem, so we have decided to leave the last kilometre of this 3rd marathon until we clean it up in the morning, so we are off to the tents now for some well-deserved rest.
More from the Bourne Trilogy tomorrow, he’s staying on top.

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