Monday, October 29, 2012

The sock, the socks, my kindom for some socks.

We could have had a disaster this morning, last night as Simon determinedly fought to complete his third marathon in 36 hours both he and I naturally became very tired. We decided that I should start to write the blog rather than when he had finished running, there by speeding my time up in getting to the tent. As it was when I got to the tent at 2.45, we agreed to be back on the road at 7am, so I set the alarm on my phone. My tired brain forgot to take into account that we were running on race clock time and not day light saving hours (yes they do that here too), consequently when my alarm went off earlier it was 8am race time, we had lost an hour.

Simon was out of the tent like a shot, we noticed that Kale and his Dad were not in theirs, how much time had we lost on them, more importantly how many laps. Simon threw his kit on and was on the track in no time. When we got to the start finish and checked the computer screen, it revealed that Kale had been up for 2 hours and had gained 12km’s. Thankfully not much damage has been done, but what if it was a closer race, we could have lost it with just that one mistake; lesson learned, apologies given, time to crack on. In the first hour and a half Simon has already taken 3 of those laps back, he is on fire again, I will have to try and temper his effort again today.

I haven’t told you about Simon’s socks, he likes his red ones, so much so that when he put them on to start the bike leg last Monday I have not been able to get them off him, they are his lucky ones! It’s just as well that we are good friends, because peeling those socks of his feet is not a pleasant task. He won’t let me wash them, nor will he put another pair on, thankfully his feet are still in surprisingly good condition, we check them regularly, but if I left those socks alone for a few minutes they would walk themselves to the finish.

More road pounding today, more ‘Air Bourne’ shuffling, closer to the goal, did you know that there have only ever been 5 British finisher Decaman ?

You do now!

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