Friday, October 19, 2012

Lets Get Ready To Rumble!!!

The highlights of the day have been numerous. A full breakfast that lasted for nearly 2 hours followed by a walk around Monterrey. It didn't last very long! On our return our much awaited baggage had just arrived so morale was high. Clean clothes, unpacking followed by repacking and time spent on assembling the bike, now it is ready to go!!!
We were called to the opening meeting and met up with the other athletes where people start to analyse the opposition. No real need here due to the severity of the event, it will be down to survival and who can really tough it out! The weather has cooled, light rain earlier, tomorrow we meet at 11am for the more formal proceedings, blood samples, race briefing and even more food. At midday to move lock stock and smoking barrel to the Parque Espana where it will all happen. Deca commences in the outdoor olympic pool at 8am Sunday!!! Time to get serious..........Life is about to change in earnest.............After tomorrow Pete will be providing daily race updates on progress!!


  1. Si- gonna wish you good luck although you don't need it as you have prepared completely and will not be beaten. All the best!

  2. From a cold and windy England a lot of us are reading your updates with enthusiasm and impatience.
    We feel the excitement growing as the start time gets closer and a bit of anxiety too as we know how tough it’s gonna be.
    The pressure on you right now must be extreme and I hope you know that we are already very proud of you for just being part of it. Very little athletes have managed to get there!
    I wish you all the best :-)

  3. Just finished the Birmingham half marathon and thought about you constantly as a source of motivation and inspiration. Looking forward to the updates. This is a monumental challenge and one I'm sure you can smash! Good luck and best wishes from us all - Mike, Suz, Luke and Daniel.
    ps - vale won again! And Stoke lost!