Friday, October 19, 2012

Monterrey 2012!!

Relax before a race? You must be joking. Sprinting around airports chasing flight connections something just had to go wrong? And it did! The Sheraton Ambassador Hotel is ideal, but without any luggage, no bags, no bike, it could be better. You have to laugh as I am reassured that they will arrive at the hotel today.
Arriving in Monterrey at 9pm and greeted with a baking night time temperature of a whopping 98 degrees this race is going to be brutal!! And I mean brutal!! Having now arrived the reality is simple, this is going to be seriously tough!! It has a reputation that is second to none. Here you start to sense the enormity of just what lies ahead. At 8am this morning it is already 75 degrees, a far cry from blighty and a world away from normality. The Sheraton breakfast was wonderful, seeing Pete naked first thing in the morning was an added surprise! Tomorrow I will post my pre race feelings after the initial meeting! There is already a mixture of apprehension and raw emotion! This is the ultimate race something I have waited a life time for! It has finally arrived...........................

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  1. Like the idea of the two hour breakfasts!!! But maybe not followed by whats coming for you!