Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Plan? What plan ?

Ola Amigo’s,

It’s another blue sky day in Monterrey; Simon completed his fifth marathon at 0315 this morning, which gave us the opportunity to retire to the tents for a good sleep. We decided on 4 hours and set the alarms for 0730, Kale who retired earlier than us was already up and had taken back 10 of Simon’s hard earned kilometres. This is the fascination of Ultra events, sleep too long and your competitors may catch you, sleep too little and you may tire quicker, losing any advantage you may have gained. Working out a strategy that enables sufficient rest but still allows you to remain competitive is a key factor in success and you can transfer this to any walk of life. You must also be able to amend your strategy, as to strive forwards at all costs can be detrimental to accomplishing your aim.

It is that reason that Simon and I have reviewed ‘The Plan’, yesterday’s plan to enable him to finish this mammoth event in one piece. There are a few factors that need to be considered; the first to establish the goal – to finish, secondly at what cost – health (those 2 should be linked), thirdly in what time – WR, PR, or total time allowed, and the fourth is any external factors – the weather and opposition. We have a new plan taking all of the above into account, of course we can’t tell you; ‘the walls have ears’ but we are very confident it will work.

Simon is currently resting having completed a half marathon in just over 3 hours; he has seen the doctor and passed the medical examination even with the state of his feet, burnt face and ginger hair! He has re-fuelled, re-hydrated and enjoyed a laugh and a joke to keep the spirits high. The current leader board reads like this; Simon 231, Kale 186 a lead of 45 kilometres still, by the time Simon is ready to go again that will have been reduced to a marathon distance, which is a margin we are comfortable with.
Both of the boys are suffering now with blisters and muscular fatigue, so it’s our job to keep their spirits up and feel confident that what they are doing is right for them.

One thing is certain; this will live long in the memory. On, on Bourneo.
The red socks were last seen tabbing on their way to the Mexican/US Border; apparently they are going to try a covert crossing tonight!  

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