Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sixth Sense

It's still hot, a much higher temperature than forecast, the part of the track which crosses a car park is particularly stifling even more so with the heat radiating from the concrete either side of the strip of tarmac. Thankfully there are parts of the course which offer shade and a nice breeze has just sprung up.

Simon and Kale have stuck to their task and have continued to tick of lap after lap, Kale is almost at 200km's whilst Simon has just completed his 6th marathon, only 4 to go, whoop whoop and it's only 4.15 race time or 224 hours since the start !

Kale has just past me looking fairly demoralised but he will continue to drive himself forward, that is the neccesary attribute that an Ultra athlete requires, that indomitable spirit that will not be stopped. 
Simon has lapped him several times today, which cannot possibly help with his phyche, but is a massive boost for Simon. The gap is 53km's, but that will change because Simon is about to have a protracted rest until the thermometer drops,
before commencing number SEVEN.

 Relentlessly forwards Simon Bourne.

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