Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Race is definitely on !

I am a little late in posting because there is a lot going on in the race, read on.

Guess what? We had another plan, which was to sleep through the worst of the day’s heat and then get out on the road and make any time up that he had lost. We had heard that his closest competitor who did not have a good time in the heat yesterday during the cycle; would also rest during the day. Kidology that’s what it was!

Simon’s pursuer made up 80 kms whilst we tried to sleep and rest, so to make a statement Simon was up and at it at 1 o’clock, the upshot of that is that he has now completed 445 kms and leads by about 50 kms . The man is a machine, it’s 96 degrees Fahrenheit again today and the sun is relentless in its intensity and of course as in Formula One the track temperature is even hotter.

I can’t tell you when he is going to rest right now, but he and his pursuer, who by the way, is called Kale Poland and is from the USA are matching each other lap for lap and are recording the same times.  Neither of them seems to want to rest, Kale’s crew were expecting him to do that an hour ago, clearly he doesn’t want Simon to gain any more of an advantage.

This is a race of epic proportions, and I have no time to report on the other events of an Ironman a day for 5, 10 or 20 days, phew makes me even hotter just thinking about it. But there is no doubt that the event is Simon’s 10 continuous Ironman distances as quick as possible.

He is almost at a quarter of the distance now on the bike, he is living the dream.

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