Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Titanic has got nothing on this.

It's 'Tea time' in the UK, lunch over here, what a night you all missed.
Simon's battle lifted a notch last night, whilst his rival slept he poured on the pressure; amassing kilometer (mile) after kilometer, by the time Kale came back on the track at 2am Simon had increased his lead to 130kms.
We think that Kale and his crew were expecting Simon to have gone to bed as he had been on the go since 1pm, so they got a shock when we appeared from a coffee break and joined in the fray, what happened next was remarkable.
Kari Martens from Sweden, regarded by most of being the best Ultra Triathlete in the world also came out after a break, the 3 joined in a titanic battle, Kari is the best cyclist here and continued to force the pace, Simon responded which forced Kale to, for 2 laps they all rode faster than 2 minutes a lap, which on this course is a remarkable time and don't forget Simon had been at it for 12 hours, they were both rested, wow. Of course it's not possible to sustain anything like that pace ina an 'Ultra', thankfully Simon responded to my signals and slowed down. He stayed out until 6 then we both took an opportunity to take a shower and garb a nap, Kale of course stayed out, Simon was back on the road at 1030 and only lost 75kms to Kale. Simon has just gone through the 700km barrier and is looking very good despite the 91f temperature.
Smooth pedals Simon.

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