Friday, October 26, 2012

Turning the pedals again

 Good Afternoon Decaman fans.

Simon is on the bike and I notice from the Facebook page, that the word is spreading faster than I can write now that the life result page is online. After my last post which I wrote in the middle of the night, we re-evaluated ‘The Plan’. Kale went to bed at 1am so I left Simon sleeping, when he woke at 2.30 feeling worse for wear, we decided that just a few more laps would do before getting into the sleeping bags at 5.45, having ensured a 100km lead, we did just that and arranged to be back on the bike for 9, I set my alarm. When I woke I checked on Simon, who was in a deep sleep so I left him to it again, he roused naturally at 9.30, so we took our time getting ready, eating breakfast and got on the track again at 10. In the 4 hours that Kale had been back on the road he only managed to claw back 50km’s, a result for us that really lifted Simon’s spirits.

We have just had lunch, Simon is feeling fairly good and was raring (well perhaps that’s a bit strong) to get back out on it! During the morning session he managed to gain 6 laps and has just passed 1300km’s, hurrah only 500 to go! The plan is to tick as many of those of today as he can, so that at some stage tomorrow (Saturday) he can put his running shoes on. We are told by the Ultra veterans here, that this is one of the slowest tracks they have competed on, which explains the bike times of the one Ironman a day boys who would normally complete the bike an hour quicker, there is approximately 15 meters of climbing on a lap, not much you might think, but after 1800kms, well you do the maths.

Simon has continually impressed all of this die-hard Ultra family with his grit and determination and above all his friendly happy go lucky personality even in the dark times. It’s a privilege being out here to be his crew.

Roll on Bourneo.


  1. Great to read, guys. Keep at it...we are pulling for you!

  2. yes indeed, following avidly... where on facebook are you?