Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Laughter, Giggles and Crying

Well what can I say; it's certainly been a very memorable night so far.
Simon and I have been in fits of laughter over the 'Paula Ratcliffe', which kept us amused lap after lap. Then we have been giggling over Chris Miller's pastie that John Binghams dog, Ben wolfed down, no truer phrase than 'The dinners in the dog'. We were crying over 'spilt coffee' after counting the laps incorrectly, were holding our noses when Simon finally realised jsut how bad his socks were and we have continually taken back any laps that Kale was able to gain and even better by 3.15am race time 2.15 local Simon will have completed the fifth marathon, which will put him on schedule to finish the 10 marathons in 4 days !!!!!!!

 Lets not be too hasty, Wayne Kurtz (Read his book Beyond the Iron) has given us lots of good advice, which we are heading but there are still 210 km's left or 104 miles, caution is the name of the game. Every step forward is a step closer to the finish and Simon's dream.
Dream on Simon it's on it's way.
Simon hunting down Kale
Kale being haunted by Simon

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