Sunday, October 21, 2012

And so it begins ..........

Sunday 21 Oct. 12

Decatriathlon Monterrey Mexico – World Championship  

And so it has begun, Simon and I were up at 0530 this morning to prepare for the 0800 start, breakfast was served in the park from 0600, I don’t know who was more nervous; he or I. The Ultra Triathletes gathered round the open air tables to tell tales of daring do and why Monterrey is the ‘Meca’ for this event as dawn broke.

The event started at 0800 and as I write this short update I am pleased to report that Simon is on schedule by 1000 he had swum just over 3 miles and is feeling very comfortable, thankfully it is overcast here today so the temperature is a lot lower than the 95f predicted. There are only another 20 miles or so to go of the swim, he will swim 760 lengths of this pool by the time he finishes sometime tonight, we are hoping for 18 hours. Then there’s only 1120 miles on the bike and the small matter of 262 miles on foot, should be a ‘walk in the park’ and as we are in the Parque Europa that’s a good thing.

Stay strong Bourneo, the world is watching.

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