Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ariba ariba, andele andele as they say down Mexico way

This post should have been read before the previous but had saved as a draft. Sorry.

Simon's battle with Kale is pheonominal;
Kale has been trying to outwit him and confuse our strategy with different messages, Simon's answer was to follow everything that he did, apart that is when he decided to put 'The Hammer Down' and ride the fastest 2 laps of the day a 2:09 & 2:03, to put some distance between the pair, it worked because Kale's speed dropped dramatically and he decided to take a break at 8.30pm. As I write at 1230 he still has not reappeared, Simon has used that time to put distance between the two and did not rest himself until that gap was a 100 kilometers ! Then Simon himself took a rest of 1.5 hours sleeping on a magnectic field bed, and has since got back on the bike and is 'ripping it up again lapping comfortably at 2.30 km pace. He is going to try and ride until 8am and hopefully will have posted 720kms by then, his total stands at 600+ at the moment.

 This is an event like no other, brutal in its intensity both physical and mental, if you're brave enough why not give one a go ? You could start with a Double continuos Ironman or 2 inn two days.
Bourneo leads the way, but there is an awful long way to go.

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