Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Simon doing what he does best, tearing up the roads.!

Apologies for the late post; Simon is fine but I have been helping out other crews and athletes.
It's almost 2am here, Simon has been on the bike since 5.30pm, we are having a major break every 2 hours and little ones when needed. As of 5 m...

inutes ago he was almost at 300kms only 1500 to go......! He has been amazing so mentally tough as well as physical, there are some superb riders here in the 1 Ironman per day events and they are all commenting on how strong and easy Simon is making the bike look. Anything can happen of course, a broken saddle already, but I will keep looking after him and make sure he is fueled and hydrated, he can take care of the bike.
I took the photo at about 10pm, he intends to cycle till about 7am but may go longer if he feels good antd the temeperature doesn't rocket like today 95f again.
He is doing himself proud, stay on top Bourneo.

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  1. Keep it going Simon - sounds like you're doing fantastically. Thinking of you

    The Potts Family