Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Morning after the first night ride

And so it continues; Simon has just finished a 14 hour stint on the bike and clocked 380kms or 226 miles, thats an average of 15.5 miles an hour including stops. He is in great spirits, has just passed the Doctors Medical and will be ready ...
to get on the bike again later; the strategy is to sleep through the heat of the day and ride all night again. When we left the race HQ his nearest pursuer was 120kms behind, that might change as he has chosen to ride on.
Everyone here is impressed with 'Pintsized Rocket', as he made the ride look easy, and as expected is in great spirits and laughing and joking with everyone.
More from us later, till then keep following his exploits, he's doing us all proud, but more importantly he is doing himself proud.
On on Bourneo.

1 comment:

  1. Si...bloody speechless at your immense efforts already.
    Keep her lit- you will not falter.