Friday, November 2, 2012

The Morning After

Good Morning and what a good morning it is. Simon and I have woken in the HOTEL.
Where do I start?

 I suppose with those last few laps, anyone would think that when you get down to the last 10k of such a monumental event having completed 22...
48km's already would be easy, the line is in sight and your spirits would lift; not a jot.
What really happened?
As we were approaching our scheduled stop with 22km's to go, Simon quite rightly decided to keep going, because starting again was agony and having seen several times what he put himself through I completely agreed. So on and on he went, in that last 10k he went through so many different emotions; strangely none of those were the euphoric ones we had imagined. Despite regular quick stops to drink and eat, he continued to spiral downwards. He had to concentrate every on every step, those of you that know him, will testify that he hardly ever shuts up, well last night he did just that. He became very grumpy as he went deeper and deeper into his reserves to get to that line, as we were approaching 5k he told me he couldn't do any more with out sleep. I convinced him that he could that we would work through it, keep talking well I would, so we went on, he doesn’t remember the 5th and then 4th kilometres to go, because he was running asleep! I was right beside him ready to prevent him falling over, a drink of coke and an energy bar at 3k to go, seemed to lift him, the banter suddenly came back and he forged on.

 Kale was desperate to be at the finish for him, we had had a chat as Simon passed him about 7k to go, Kale himself was in much better spirits and we booked a pace beside the bar for Friday night. With 2k to go I think it began to sink in, at the bell once we had picked up the Union Flag, he was smiling and going down the hill to the finish thought of pain was gone.
The reception he got was truly wonderful, fellow competitors and crews and those on the fringes like the ladies from the kitchen and computer people, he deserved every accolade. Kale could only stay for a while because he wanted to tick of more laps himself, so Simon got himself of the track, sat down and took of his trainers.
Getting back up to get to the hotel bus was excruciating, I gathered all of our gear and followed behind, then collected our bags from the tents and put them in the bus, and Simon had hobbled to the loo. I decided not to let him hobble back There have been many posts about Pre Para, believe me Simon used many of the thought processes needed to get to the end of that in those last few K’s and I used the last part of the 10 miler to get him to the bus, yes I carried him piggy back, then did the same to get him into the hotel. I had to book in, but they already knew our room so whilst I completed the process Simon was taken to the sanctuary on a porter’s baggage trolley.

 And here we are, a comfortable sleep, Simon’s feet dressed and we are almost ready for breakfast.
The Red Socks were with us, but Simon would not take the Union Flag pair of in case he disturbed the dressings on his blistered feet. But as you can see he didn’t get a medal for his efforts (not yet anyway) but he did get the red socks draped around his shoulders.
Simon Bourne World Decatriathlon Champion.


  1. Fantastic, brilliant! Congratulations Simon - the world champion! Been checking the posts regularly today with anticipation and wondeful to hear what you've achieved. It is truly an honour to know you and your success. We're pretty moved back here and a tear trickled down my cheek at hearing the news. Some red wine will be drunk in the Potts house tonight in your honour - and must catch up when you get back in the UK. We're so chuffed for you - well done mate, absolutely superb - an inspiration to us us - Mike, Suz, Luke and Daniel xx

    ps - glad the night out in Birmingham a few months ago didn't mess up your training

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