Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tough it has been, tougher it will become.

What pain these boys are going through, last night was epic. My last post was around 4am our time, so you will want an update I guess.

Simon was shattered last night, exhausted in fact, we had factored in a stop between 7 and 9, I wrote that last post then, I put Simon on to the couch and he was out like a light, the burger and coffee went untouched, less than an hour and a half after starting again he was back on the couch, sleeping like there was no tomorrow. Kale I know has been much the same, out to complete a few laps back in his tent recuperating.

These last kilometres are going to be as brutal as the weather today, which will only compound the enormity of what they still have to do. Do you remember the analogy I used of the mountain, where when all the difficulties are over and you crest the summit ridge, only for the ridge to be never ending? Well we are most definitely at that point. After Simon retired for the night Kale managed another 7 laps before sleeping himself, Simon and I decided to have a 2 hour sleep so that we could get as many laps done as possible before the sun came up. I walked with Simon for the ran with Simon for the first 9 laps, then decided it was time to write his blog, he passes me every lap, on the second he told me he had been finding it difficult to walk/run straight, fatigue is back with a vengeance, I have put him back on the couch, he is comatosed. Kale is still lapping and currently has 302 to Simon’s 369. Our intent was to get a half marathon (21 laps) finished before a break; the plan is being revised as we write.

Last night was very emotional in other ways, 2 of the lads who were competing in the Deca Ironman, 10 Ironmen races in 10 days finished their own race. Steve Harvey from England finished his last one in 12:30:40, which was a staggering performance on top of the previous 9 and Sergio Cordeiro from Brazil completed his in 14:51:01 truly wonderful performances on a very tough course in brutal heat. What was even more unique for me; was to witness the best Ultra Triathletes in the world in floods of emotion as they welcomed Steve into the Deca family, and the tears of elation from Sergio as he crossed the finish line. I can’t bare to think at the moment what Simon and I are going to be like, and then what it will be like for Kale and his father Wes. Deep breaths Pete, deep breaths.

I must wake Simon, he only wanted a 30 minute power nap, we shall see how the day unfolds, but I do know already that this is going to be really tough. Wayne Kurtz told us that the whole race comes down to the last 25% of the run, and whether you finish or not. We are about to find out, watch this space.

Get those Red Socks out, oh and the tissues, a man size box.

Kale and Simon congratulating Steve Harvey as he finished his 10th Ironman event in 10 days.

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