Thursday, November 1, 2012

Almost, almost there.

Well what can I say, I have just read the posts on Lucy's call to arms and they are a huge boost for what Simon is putting himself through. 

To make the last marathon seem more manageable we have broken it down into 10km chunks. He's hurting
now, it's painful to see him walk, but once he is up the hill away from the start he breaks into a joggle.
This was Steve Harvey completing his 10 Ironman Events on consecutive days.
It will be Simons turn for the limelight tonight, both he and Kale are doing the harder event of all the distances added together and non stop.
Kale has been going through different emotions, not coping with this furnace as well, having to 'run to the bathroom' often and blisters, for which he is using 'Silver Gaffer' tape. He too is working on a finish strategy, but it's different from ours.

 Simon is currently on his second 10k having rested an hour after the first, he is shuffling through the start/finish area now and ascending the hill, so I must finish this post quickly so I can join him. We hope that he will finish sometime between 11 & 12 tonight, once the blast furnace is turned of it will be easier to predict. I shall post again before the final push.
He is going to get there, on On ON ONNNNNN Simon.

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